Brand Names


Brand names are catchy, easy-to-remember names that provide identity and an emotional connection to KDE's software. They are read and written publicly and serve as part of a project's public face.

What needs a brand name?

  • Each app's name is automatically a brand name.
  • Major non-app projects should have their own brand names. For example, Plasma, KWin, Baloo, and Kirigami.
  • Individual features within apps are not brand names and should be labeled descriptively.

Creating a good brand name

  • Brand names should be catchy, easy to remember, and fun-sounding. Avoid negative language.
  • Use only a single word, preferably one related to the app's purpose--even just tangentially.
  • Don't simply add a "K" onto the beginning of an existing word. It's acceptable to choose a brand name with a K inside it, or even replace a "C" with a "K" (e.g. Falkon, DigiKam), but don't force it. Not all KDE brand names need to have a K (e.g. Dolphin, or Plasma).
  • Don't use common words like "Files" or "Videos." If your brand name is too generic, its identity will be diluted and users will have a hard time finding it in web searches.
  • Each brand name needs an icon or logo. The logo should reinforce the name. For more abstractly-named brands, the logo should provide visual information regarding the software's purpose that is not contained within the name (e.g. Dolphin's logo looks like a folder, providing a clue that it's a file manager).


Brand names and logos for Dolphin, Okular, and Spectacle