On-Demand Controls

Slide to reveal Dolphin hover

When to Use

Use on-demand controls for actions which directly relate to an element in a list or a grid, so they can be executed without selecting the element first (for example deleting or replying to an email right from the list).

How to Use

  • Don't use on-demand controls as the only means to execute an action; they are only shortcuts.
  • Don't use more than five (ideally not more than three) actions in on-demand controls. If you need more actions, choose a different command pattern.
  • Only use on-demand controls, if the actions are the same for each item.
  • Since the actions don't have a label, don't use the on-demand pattern, if the actions are not clearly identifiable.



On-demand controls are shown when hovering over the item with the cursor. A handle can be added to enable touch screen support. As soon as the user taps anywhere else or the pointer is not any longer hovering the item, the on-demand controls are hidden again.


On-demand controls are revealed by sliding a handle from right to left to reveal them. As soon as the user taps anywhere else, the handle is slid back.

For further guidelines see list item.