Application Icons

Some breeze colorful icons for application


Application icons are the expression of an application's brand. They communicate the application's identity in a clear, bold, and friendly manner. While application icons should be distinct from one another, all icons should be unified with the same design style.


Application icons always use the colorful icon style. Their baseline size is 48 pixels.

1st-Party App Icons

When creating a Breeze icon as your application's icon, there are some things you should consider.


Your application's icon should be distinct and recognisable.

Use a distinct silhouette and set of colors. You can sample motifs from other icons where appropriate to help with recognizability.
Don't solely base your application's icon off of another icon. This can confuse users, and tarnish both the reputation of your app and the app whose icon you use.


Your app's icon should use an appropriate metaphor to inform the user what your app does.

Use an appropriate metaphor for your icon; this will inform users as to what your app does.
Don't use inappropriate metaphors for your icon; this will confuse users as to what your app does.

3rd-Party App Icons

When creating a Breeze theme version of an existing app's icon, it critically important that the icon's existing brand and visual style be preserved. The goal is to create a Breeze version of the icon, not something completely new and different.

Retain the silhouette of an app's icon to preserve its core branding and recognizability for users.
Don't dramatically change the shape of an app's icon; this will make the application hard to recognize.
Retain the general branding colors of an app's icon to preserve branding recognizability.
Don't use a radically different color palette from an app's icon; this will make it hard to recognize, especially at small sizes.