Generate media

Most media files used in the HIG are generated from QML files.

The command line tool qmlgrabber is used to create media from the source files.

Source files are located in HIG/source/qml.

If you are new to KDE development, make sure to read how to become a kde developer first.

Getting Started

  1. Install some tools with your distro's package manager:

Distribution Command

Arch, Manjaro sudo pacman -S ffmpeg Debian, Ubuntu, KDE Neon sudo apt install ffmpeg openSUSE sudo zypper install ffmpeg-4 Fedora sudo dnf install ffmpeg CentOS/RHEL sudo yum install ffmpeg

  1. Clone qmlgrabber source code repository into an empty folder:

    git clone
    cd qmlgrabber
    qmake PREFIX=~/.local/bin
    make install

    If you install it in you home directory, make sure you have the installed packages in your path by adding it to your .profile:

    echo "PATH=~/.local/bin:\$PATH" >> ~/.profile
    source ~/.profile

Now you are ready to create media files for the the HIG!

  1. Change to a directory containing qml source files. E.g. cd HIG/source/qml/components/actionbutton
  2. Run makemedia.php Actionbutton1.qml or makemedia.php . to create media files.