Command Link


A command link is an area containing icon and text that is used to initiate an action.

It is primarily designed to streamline Wizard-like interfaces and to select from a set of mutually exclusive, related choices. Complementary to command buttons, command links are used for navigation to other places. Links behave similar to buttons but have always a clean, lightweight appearance without stimulative nature.


Is this the right control?

  • Use command links for a set of mutually exclusive responses like navigation from hub to spoke pages.
  • Don't present single command links.
  • Consider to use a push button for single commands or if the action does not contain navigation.


  • Provide feedback when result is not aware to user or not available instantaneous. Display a busy pointer or present a progress bar to users.
  • Don't mix command links and command buttons at one place.


  • Command links are flat.
  • Use standard theme color for links.
  • Always apply an icon to command links.
  • Icons should have a size of 48x48 pixels.
  • Choose a concise, self-explanatory label that clearly communicates and differentiates what the command link does.
  • Don't use ellipsis.