About Application

Every application should have a view that contains basic information about the application. This includes a short description of the application, the version, license, and authors and contributors of the application.

The about view should be accessible via an action in the application's primary means of navigation, e.g. the menu bar, side bar or hamburger menu. The action should have About MyApplication as text and use the help-about icon.


Kirigami apps should use the Kirigami.AboutPage component. It consumes the data set by KAboutData . It should cover all existing pages and must have a way to close it again. This can be achieved by using the pageStack.layers mechanism. It should not be possible to open the AboutPage more than once. :

Component {
    id: aboutPage
    Kirigami.AboutPage {
        aboutData: theAboutData

Kirigami.Action {
    text: i18n("About MyApplication")
    iconName: "help-about"
    onTriggered: {
        if (window.pageStack.layers.depth < 2) {

Usage example

Qt Widgets

When using the KXmlGui framework an appropriate about view is added automatically.