Kirigami UI Framework

Build beautiful, convergent apps that run on phones, TVs and everything in between.


The line between desktop and mobile is blurring, and users expect the same quality experience on every device. Applications using Kirigami adapt brilliantly to mobile, desktop, and everything in between.

Kirigami in a mobile and desktop form factor


Kirigami apps adapt to more than just the devices we use them on, always offering the optimal layout depending on how they are used by your audience.


Kirigami is smooth and animated, uses consistent components, and provides a clearly defined workflow. Users of Kirigami apps will appreciate the smart workflow and no-gimmick design.


Kirigami is built entirely on open technologies by the KDE community, developers will never need to pay fees for it, nor will they be locked into a specific platform. Be confident knowing that Kirigami gives control back to developers and users.

Kirigami is one of the 70 KDE Frameworks, a collection of high quality add on libraries for Qt apps.


A dive log application created by Linus Torvalds with Kirigami with support for Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and iPadOS.


A convergent photo gallery built using Kirigami and KDE frameworks.


A matrix client that works on Plasma, Plasma Mobile and Android.