Kirigami UI Framework

Build beautiful apps that run on computers, phones, TVs and everything in between.

Convergent and everywhere

The line between desktop and mobile is blurring. Users expect the same quality experience on every device, and applications using Kirigami adapt brilliantly to mobile, desktop, TVs, household appliances, and everything in between.

Android ready.
Yes, Kirigami officially supports Android! KDE provides multiple applications on F-Droid and the Play Store. See our documentation for more information.
Perfect for Plasma Mobile.
Kirigami is the preferred framework for your Plasma Mobile application. You can find a list of many existing Kirigami applications for Plasma Mobile on the Plasma Mobile website
And everything else.
Besides providing high level components, to make it easier to support multiple form factors, Kirigami also provides a wide variety of low level components that can be used in your embedded Linux QML app. For example, check out the high performance ShadowedRectangle and an expansible theming API.
the app Tokodon works correctly both on a Linux desktop computer and on a phone running KDE Plasma Mobile

Open and trusted

Kirigami is developed by the KDE community. We have been around since 1997, and we develop high quality open source software used by millions of people worldwide. Kirigami is released under LGPL-2.0-or-later, and, as such, can be used in your open source or commercial project.

Kirigami is one of the 80 KDE Frameworks produced by KDE, part of a collection of high quality add-on libraries for Qt apps with long ABI and API stability guarantees. And, in case you need support, there is a network of trusted consultants available to assist you with your project.

screenshot of the app NeoChat