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KDE Frameworks, enhance the Qt experience

KDE Frameworks encompasses 80 add-on libraries for programming with Qt. They have all been well-tested in real-world scenarios and are extensively documented. All libraries are licensed under LGPL or MIT.

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Extend Qt with New Possibilities

KDE's development tools and frameworks are built on top of Qt, the popular cross-platform framework for developing beautiful applications.

Stop Reinventing the Wheel

Tired of writing your own widgets for your Qt projects? Use KWidgetsAddons! Want a flexible configuration system? Use KConfig! The KDE Frameworks suite solves most of the problems you have to deal with when building Qt applications. It will also integrate perfectly into your Qt projects and the API will be familiar as it is based on the same interfaces that make up the majority of existing Qt applications.

Network Transparency

The increase in connectivity of today's world makes KIO an essential part of your toolset. KIO allows Qt applications to connect to remote shares as if they were on local computers, making accessing server-hosted files and directories transparent and easy for your users. KIO supports ftp, ssh, http, webdav, fish, samba, and many more protocols.

Develop Convergent Apps with Kirigami

Kirigami is a new, convergent, responsive, elegant, and open cross-platform toolkit that uses QML.

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Kirigami application with source code
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KDE e.V. Trusted IT Consulting Firms

In KDE we take pride in being a Free Software community and having an open, free and fair development process.

However, we also understand that sometimes companies' and institutions' main priorities do not include learning the processes of our community and they just want issues solved or features implemented.

For this reason, we provide a list of professional consultants that have a profound knowledge of KDE technologies and who will help you make your project reach its goals.

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